Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Greetings and Encouragement

Dear Huldah,
I just wanted to say that I liked your blog , and your views, and I am happy that people like you exists today, I am a muslim and believe in humanity, and I consider christians and muslims are very near in their belief , I believe in Jesus (peace be upon him) and Mary ( peace be upon him ) . I see the world is devided by the politicians for their benifits by them, and they disunity the community and put wrong thought against a particular community and religion, this upsets me a lot .

Atif |


Dear Atif,
Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You are correct in saying that politics has divided us all. This is exactly how we will become a conquered people. It should be just as upsetting to everyone. All people should be allowed to worship and live how they wish, as long as it brings no harm to others. That is the American way laid out by the forefathers of this country. In the meantime, we need to help people see and understand truth and do good to those around us.
Please feel free to contact me again if you have any questions or if you I can help you in any way.
Blessings to you and yours,
Maidservant Huldah

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